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<div class="tree_txt_unlinked"><p>The Uakaries, <em>Cacajao</em>, are found in the flooded forests of Brazil, eastern Colombia and southern Venezuela. Two species are recognized: <em>C. melanocephalus</em> and <em>C. calvus</em>.
Uakaries are dietary specialists that feed on fruits with hard outer
shells. They are found in multi-male multi-female groups and move about
by quadrupedal walking and running. In general, Uakaries are
distinguished from other pithecines in having a larger body size and
short tail. The two species also are distinguished in their coloration:
<em>C.melanocephalus</em> has black fur, while the two subspecies of <em>C. calvus</em> have red or white fur.</p>
<p><strong>Citations</strong>: Fleagle 1999</p>