Adult Male Mouse Lemur

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Mouse lemurs are members of the genus Microcebus that is grouped within the Lemuridae taxonomic family. Among the three known species are Microcebus rufus, the Eastern Mouse Lemur; M. murinus, the Western Mouse Lemur; and M. myoxinus, a recently recognized species. M. rufus weighs only 39-98 g (.08-.22 lb), living in the forests of northern and eastern Madagascar, primarily in the secondary forests. M. rufus has brown fur with a dark stripe along its back, and a white stripe from its eyes to its nose. The M. rufus diet consists of fruit, flowers, gum, and leaves, with a preference for insects. M. rufus stores fat in its tail during the wet season in preparation for the dry season when its activity decreases significantly.

Species Name: 
Microcebus rufus
Mouse Lemur
Specimen Collector: 
J. Wills
Specimen Id: 
USNM 83657 and USNM 83656 (skull only)
Collected Date: 
February 1896
Collection Location: 
Malagasy Imerina
Common Name: 
Mouse Lemur
Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History
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