Adult Male Ruffed Lemur

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Lemurs, from the family Lemuridae, include three subfamilies and nine genera, including the genus Varecia and the species ­V. variegata, the Ruffed Lemur. The Black Lemur (V. v. variegata) appears black with white patches of fur, while the Red Ruffed Lemur (V. v. ruber) appears red with black patches of fur. V. variegata is the largest species weighing 3.2-4.5 kg (7-9.9 lbs) and having a body length (including tail) of 56-65 cm (22-26 in). Varecia lives in the tropical forest of Madagascar, whose forests and temperate woodlands are home to all Lemurs. V. variegata is primarily frugivorous and is crepuscular, meaning that it is more active around dawn or dusk.

Species Name: 
Varecia variegata
Ruffed Lemur
Common Name: 
Ruffed Lemur
University of Texas Anthropology Department Collection
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