Adult Male Slow Loris

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Lorises have four genera, two Asiatic and two African. Nycticebus coucang coucang, the nocturnal Slow Loris, is one of the Asiatic species that lives in the jungles of Southeast Asia. N. coucang coucang is arboreal, rarely coming down to the ground, with a very deliberate form of quadrupedal locomotion that involves putting one hand forward, then bringing the foot from the same side up to the hand, and then repeating this same process for the other side. Despite weighing approximately 1.4 kg (3.1 lbs.), N. coucang coucang has a unique way of warding off predators; the Slow Loris not only has a toxic bite, but also is toxic to eat.

Species Name: 
Nycticebus coucang coucang
Slow Loris
Specimen Collector: 
U.S. Army medical Service Graduate School
Specimen Id: 
USNM 300000 (including skull) and USNM 317188
Collected Date: 
October 9, 1953
Collection Location: 
Malaya Kuala Lumpur
Common Name: 
Slow Loris
Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History
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