Adult Male Squirrel Monkey

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Squirrel monkeys live in the jungles of Central and South America. The family Cebidae contains 11 genera and 65 species. Squirrel monkeys are distinguished by a white, mask-like face, a dark cap, and hairless muzzle around the nose and mouth. Their gray bodies have white bellies, and a two-toned tail tipped with black. Saimiri, the smallest genus, weighs 500-1100 g (1.1-2.4 lbs) and has a head-to-tail length of 35-42.5 cm (13.7-16.7 in). Saimiri oerstedii lives on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama subsisting on insects, flowers and fruits. Saimiri are 'flush-hunters', meaning they catch insects and small vertebrates that move when other monkeys come through the forest.

Species Name: 
Saimiri oerstedii
Squirrel Monkey
Specimen Id: 
USNM 582701 and 291050 (skull only)
Collected Date: 
July 27, 1998
Common Name: 
Squirrel Monkey
Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History
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