Adult Male Lesser Bushbaby

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Galagos are African arboreal, nocturnal primates. Between the three species - Galago senegalensis, the Lesser Bushbaby; G. crassicaudatus, the Thick-Tailed Galago; and G. Alleni, Allen's Galago - there are 19 subspecies living in a variety of habitats. G. senegalensis inhabits the coast of Guinea, the savannas of West and sub-Saharan Africa. Males weigh between 151-173 g and females 150-163 g. G. senegalensis has a distinct stripe between the eyes extending down the nose, and ears with four transverse fold lines the animal uses to compress or extend its ears. With longer hindlimbs than forelimbs, galagos are able to cross distances of more than two meters (6 1/2 ft) in a single jump.

Species Name: 
Galago senegalensis braccatus
Lesser Bushbaby
Specimen Collector: 
H.R. Stanton
Specimen Id: 
USNM 398069 (including skull) and USNM 397967
Collected Date: 
March 18, 1967
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Common Name: 
Lesser Bushbaby
Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History
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